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Event Schedule

Highlands Wine Shoppe in Highlands, North Carolina conducts events to celebrate the flavors of different wines and educate the public about them. We have upcoming wine classes for interested parties. Additionally, we invite vineyard owners to provide wine education. Please refer to the schedule below.

Upcoming Events

Highlands School of Wine:
Facilitated by Nick Demos, Advanced Sommelier
April 7th 5:30-7 pm
May 25th 5:30-7 pm
June 29th 5:30-7 pm

July 20th 5:30-7 pm
August 24th 5:30-7 pm
September 14th 5:30-7 pm
October 26th 5:30-7 pm
Every Wednesday STARTING April 12
Join your friends and enjoy an appetizer
Wine education with special guests will be posted here. STAY TUNED

Special Events

Additional Events associated with Highlands School of Wine
Riedel Events: Does the glass make a difference? YES
       May 16th- Still open
       October 5th- Still open
       December 7th-Still open
Wine Maker/Specialists Events:
       April 27th- 5:30-7 pm: French Wines from Loire & Rhone Valleys
       May 10th: 5:30-7 pm: French Wines from Alscace
        June 1st: Expensive wines: What makes them special?
                                                                                      June 9: Bascom Event: Meet the winemakers you love  


    An Evening With Opus One – September 16

    Seminar Tasting Series – September 21

  • Blind Tasting – October 20 at 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm
  • French Wine Tasting – October 22 at 5:30 pm
  • Undiscovered Value Wines- October 29 at 2-5 pm
  • Titans of California Tasting- November 11
  • Women & Wine featuring Merrie Edwards - November 12